Nam Tong is a conceptual new town for 350,000 residents in eastern Hong Kong.

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Hemmed in by steep mountains and the sea, this city has always struggled with a scarcity of developable land. Hong Kong is growing and land supply remains a pressing concern. How we grow is integral to the city’s continuing liveability, sustainability, and competitiveness.



Nam Tong is a sustainable, flexible, easily phased land supply solution.


The future is uncertain, and the precise nature and extent of long-term urban growth cannot be predicted with absolute accuracy. Hong Kong therefore requires a flexible, incremental growth strategy that works to enhance the existing urban context and builds on existing plans.


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Our proposal

Nam Tong is a conceptual new town of 350,000 residents at the eastern edge of Hong Kong’s urban core. Based on the principles that define Hong Kong’s sustainability, Nam Tong is envisaged as a vibrant, mixed-use community – with a balance of homes and employment – and as an exemplar of people-oriented urban design.



212 ha

newly reclaimed land

688 ha

total study area


population capacity


The proposal involves building a new cross-harbour tunnel at Heng Fa Chuen to carry the MTR’s Island Line to the existing Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate and Tseung Kwan O Area 137 Fill Bank. Here, Farrells proposes carrying out reclamation of 212 hectares of new land. Together with existing land, the Nam Tong new town would be built on a total of 688 hectares.


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The proposed land reclamation would affect artificial shorelines only, and would take place entirely outside Victoria Harbour. No country parks would be affected by the development.